We believe every child deserves the opportunity to learn and thrive from a primary education.

Welcome to amaroo Foundation

What is Amaroo foundation?

We work with charities and programs who aim to make a meaningful difference to the education and lives of children around the globe; focusing on improving health and wellbeing and helping kids shine.

Our Purpose

Through targeted funding and support, our purpose is to give fair access to primary education opportunities to as many disadvantaged children as possible.

We do this through backing hands-on initiatives that make a direct and tangible difference to the educational opportunities for the children who participate. Initiatives that offer kids practical tools to build self confidence and resilience, while folding in a strong focus on mental health and wellbeing.

Spanning local, national and international levels, the organisations we collaborate with are all specialists in their field, know their communities and students, and can deliver mass impact programs.

Every initiative we choose has alignment with one or a combination of the pillars that sit at the heart of our values and everything we do.






Our five core pillars are at the heart of our values and everything we do

Can i apply for funding?

We’re focused on helping kids shine, and we believe that all children can reach their potential through education. The challenge is that, both locally and globally, there are children that miss out on school and other kinds of education. Our aim is to provide access and engagement in education so kids have the opportunity to be their best self, go for their dreams – and reach for the stars!

We work closely with a number of not for profit partners. Amaroo Foundation invites its prospective partners to apply for funding at various times throughout the year.